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Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt

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1Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt Empty Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:23 am


Greedy Cocky Racist Bastard
Summoning pet in SD is a bad idea : because pet death count for raise the boss damage...

For improve our runs Cool : i purpose each player who have done the run can put their ideas and experiences for improve our strategy for take down this boss safer and faster.
as example :

the pet idea cat

Question Can i avoid to take this boring time bomb on me ? flower

* -> summon the pet near u all the time when u can after the boss was entered in fury mode Evil or Very Mad (pet can take the time bomb in ur place Wink ).

* -> when u see a danger : like ur pet got the time bomb on him flower : u unsummon and resummon it (remove the bomb).

* -> when u got the time bomb on u flower : fill ur life with HP potions (be ready to take more of 1600 dmg with 3800mdef... [Edit]: seem the damage is increased when boss entered in berserk mode), run into a corner out of range from others players (if u don't want be called murderer Embarassed ) and unsummon ur pet (pet don t need to die with ur aoe dmg) and re-summon it after u have survived from ur explode What a Face .


A way for avoid to wait 1-2 minutes until u can re-summon ur pet after he died during the raid is to make a collection of pets... cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat

* -> Buy them at the auction house, the mount merchant or player shop : u can own until 9 pets (i advice u to choose different pets for be able to recognize them)

* -> The 1st time u summon it : it set his lvl on the highest u own (all my pets were lvl 35 just after bought them : u don't need to powerlvl up them)

* -> Before begining the battle against the dragon during the raid dungeon summon the pet who is the last in ur list in ur pet information panel (the most below, mustn't be the master pet).
U can use the shortkey "V" for open the pet info, select him and clic on summon button

* -> When ur pet died and u got time like the boss isn't in berserker mode yet or u have respawn in the waypoint and running with ur mount to the boss area... u can summon another by opening the pet information... and select another pet (excepted the master pet) who hasn t died yet (clic on summon button : work even if u see "disable" on the pet name/lvl who hasn't been summoned until now)

* -> If u see ur pet died but don't have time to open the pet information (because fighting hard the boss) u can summon the "master pet" (the pet u have attribued previously has "master" in ur pet information) by using the skill "summon pet" than u have previously placed in ur taskbar (u can find this skill in the general skill panel "K" shortkey and u can use it for summon/un-summon fast ur "master pet")

* -> When ur pet got the "Skull-Head" debuff affraid on him (damage over time) : u can unsummon re-summon it for remove the debuff b4 he die if u want to save his life...

ur turn to post ur idea and experience ^^ now

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2Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt Empty For Mages on Wed Nov 24, 2010 8:22 pm


Greedy Cocky Racist Bastard
Hey Gangsters, here are my thoughts on the raid boss for someone playing a mage. (this only applies to 50% boss hp as i dunno wats gonna happen when his hp goes below 50%).

Until the boss drops to 80% HP, any random party can manage, us mages just use our best spells on the boss, wind blow small dragons while the tanks do their job.

below 80% thats where the fun part begins, you can tell when the boss starts talking crap and the text appear in top-mid of your screen. Also he will do the ice breathe that freeze you up. from now on, you have 3 challenges.
1. icicles that will drop on you, with 1 second for you to react.
2. random frost time-bomb (blue ice aura) that will explode on you, doing huge damage to you and people around you in a decent area.
3. Small dragons will attack you and its our job to take care of it when they spawn on tankers. This is easy at above 80%, but its tough when u have time bombs and icicles shitting on you.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~80% - 50% HP
Spell vs Normal attack:
we have less than 1 second to start running away from icicles when we see the blue shady thing below us. Our spells, other than ice needle, and mayb fire bolt, have shit long ass casting time. if we are stuck in our animation, guess wat? ur dead, time to respawn. wat now? use normal attack by doing this, we have enough time to run away due to absence of spell animation, at worst we will only take one hit, instead of 2 which most of us would be dead by then, most.
things that will help is speed enchants and having levitate on all the time (make sure keep ur mana up
when ur running, move back, not sideway.

asd vs mouse click
in the dungeon, even zoom out to the max, the boss is still huge. if you are taking top left position,when you are trying to move around or targeting a small dragon, half the time u will find urself targeting the boss instead coz its so fckn big and takes up half of ur screen. So i suggest using wasd to move ur character, and tab target small dragons. finally use mouse click to target the boss since is not hard to miss the thing. this works very well expecially, when u have icicles on u and trying to run away. not gonna be fun when icicles shitting on you and you accidently mouse click the boss instead of an empty space to run to.

time bomb
2 strategies.
1st is mentioned by medecine who is so pro and works miracles. which i wont touch on. one thing i would like to add just incase, is keep the pet on standby, the little pause button.
2nd thing, when u see the time bomb on u, dun freak out, even if your're at 90% HP, pot, its only 1k gold, dont be a cheap ass. then frozen protect str8 away, make sure u have an easy hot key for this. this skill will help u tank the time bomb and an extra unlucky icicle on u. then make your way str8 to the closest wall and hump it until the bomb explodes. do not use frozen armor on any other occasions, becoz icicles u can dodge, not time bombs, and us being squishy as hell, frozen armor will help us tank it.

Final sum up
wind blow small dragons and normal attack the boss
keep urself mobile, move to a new position that is bigger than the icicle AOE every 3-4 normal attacks, remeber dont use spells, if icicle is on u, u have no time to run away.
if u dont like my normal attack idea, at least use only fire bolt/ice needle. spells like ice dagger just ditch it coz the cast time is way too long.

this is the strat i used when we reset the boss on our 2nd try and i havent died once until we gave up. i was alive for the 20 or so minutes

theories for the future:
HP vs def/mdef
since mdef needs a huge chunk to make a difference in this game, would wearing purple set for the 19% hp bonus be more effective?

ice rings/necklace, does it really help? ive sent in a dqa for this and will update once i get replies from gm.

more to come

i want my unique staff plox

3Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt Empty Re: Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt on Fri Nov 26, 2010 5:16 am


Greedy Cocky Racist Bastard
I got another tip for gain time when u back after u died (think 90% of u know : but i m writting it for the others 10%)

the faster mount idea elephant

Question the boss just killed u pale : ur now in the respaw spot : how can u return to the boss fast ? scratch

*-> switch to ur 2nd weapon ("Z" or "W" key i think) which got speed enchant on it (most ppl got already 1 from RvR running).

*-> summon ur mount and run toward the boss (the speed bonus from ur speed weapon is added with the speed of the mount).

*-> when ur near the boss : drop of ur mount : switch on ur main weapon (the one making damage) and begin the hit the boss or heal ppl.

Tips about speed enchant weapon :
-1st : must be 1 handed, and not from ur class (skill unusable) : because i have make the mistake to enchant an orb from my class and sometime i forgot to switch on my main weapon = fighting with a lvl 20 orb... so like that, u will find earlier u got the wrong weapon...
-2nd : equip u with a shield : u will take lesser damage if ur hitted by the explode of a time bomb from others players or crossing the ice vortex (newly named by me just now) or taken into the freezing stun : all that could happen when ur on ur mount yet.
-3rd : u need moonstones for make the speed enchant (expensive : around 800k the try, u can farm "speed star yeti" in snow mountain if u don t have the money (ref : study ).
The range of this enchant is 2%-9% : if ur cheap on ur money : i think u can stop the enchant when u reach 5%-9% (take around 4-5 try if ur unlucky).


After seen the video Cypher posted about raid dungeon i got another tip to give you about speed :

*-> Before entering the dungeon : keep in ur second weapon slot ur weapon with speed enchant on it : but don't equip it yet before entering the dungeon (i want see your hands as first weapon slot when you are in snow mountain)
Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt 2nd_we10
(example where your second speed weapon must be placed : but hope u will choose 1-handed with a shield)
[Edit] : We don't have to strip anymore : u can enter with ur speed weapon already equiped

*-> As soon as you have entered into the dungeon : switch weapon ("Z" or "W" shortkey) from ur fists u got now ur speed weapon in hand

*-> Summon your mount and clic near the boss area : u will be moving and will equip your armor and main weapon during the travel (main weapon than u will put in ur 2nd free weapon slot because you need to keep the speed bonus from your weapon).

You gain around 10 seconds like that by avoiding to stay static when equiping before moving

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4Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt Empty Re: Tips for Snow Dragon easy hunt on Tue Dec 07, 2010 7:10 am


Greedy Cocky Racist Bastard
Today, when i was healing Computer (main tank) who didn't move an inch during all the run king : i have noticed something interesting : the healing skill got more range (=1600) than the time bomb aoe explode area...

the healing range idea cheers

Question You are priest and u see players with time bomb flower on them : what to do ? Crying or Very sad

* -> keep the maximum healing range (=1600) with the player with time bomb on him flower (i believe if not main tank will run into a corner) and u can heal him safely cheers (stroke gash before the explode, and normal heal or aoe heal after).

* -> If the player run toward u Mad : flee him (need max range or u will be harmed too).

* -> If the player is out of range : select him and use ur healing skill : u will be moving automatically in auto-folow until reach the max range and launch the healing.

* -> If the player stopped to move (or didn't move at all) : select the player, move back a little until out of range and use ur healing skill on this player : will set u automatically at the max range for healing.

Well : how to reach max healing range must be oblivious for all priest i hope, but if we need to keep in mind 1 thing now it's : healing range > aoe of the time bomb


I got another tip for priests only, so i'm posting it here : idea after seen the suicid bomber called PopeAyane in action (by killing his guildmates in the corridor who were coming from the respawn point... Laughing )

* -> Priest can avoid easily to die by staying too much time in ice circle by using their teleport skill : so put it in ur task bar near ur HP potions because when i see my life drop i drink them all without thinking and teleport in the same time in another location... (but work only if not in the left side of the dragon : in this case ur mouse will target the boss instead of a safe area...)


* -> Now than i got more experience with the time bomb : i use only "Stroke Gash" (healing skill which stay 10 sec) on the player who get time bomb before he reach the corner and re-heal him afterward if needed when he is back near the boss... (u don't have to follow him into the corner)

* -> When u get time bomb on u : use 1st "Stroke Gash" on u, and and when u have reached the corner keep spamming the others healing skill on u : casting a healing skill take 2 or 3 sec and u have a good chance the time bomb explode during this time : like that u can be re-full life in lesser of 0-2 seconds after the time bomb explode and waste lesser time for return heal ur party

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