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Important: When Server Down, HG SD 23:00 PST 3/16

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As of right now our Snow Dragon Raid for HG is at Reset and HH right after it(about 00:30 ish). Whenever server maintenance doesn't finish at reset, HG's raid will be moved to 23:00 PST(1 Hrs before bronze/coin reset) and HH is dead. If some how the server goes down & during reset time, it will also be the same.

Like a Star @ heaven However, make sure to still check back to this thread to see if there are any changes. IF the maintenance only delayed for a few minutes, there may still be a raid so please do check back in game/forum.

All time listed will be in PST Server Time NOT YOUR CURRENT LOCATION TIME.

Feb 02 - SD time moved to HG: 22:00 and HH 23:00.
March 09 - SD time moved to HG: 23:00
March 16 - SD time moved to HG: 23:00

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