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HelloGangster Snow Dragon Time Voting Over - Reset Won Feb 2nd

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9:30pm - reset

I guess..

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Computer wrote:So the subject has been brought up again to see if the snow dragon time can be changed because of schools, works, and jobs.

This is your chance to post your available/desired time to go to the main guild's Snow Dragon Raid.

Voting will end on February 2, 10 PM pst. Majority wins

If you don't vote, you are signing up for anytime.

All vote will be based on PST(Server Time). If by now you still don't know the times... then...

For example, if you are free from # am to # pm, then you put # am to # pm.

Ioriz 7 am

Fuscia - 3:01 pm - 7:59 am
Roylia After 7:30 pm

TeaPot 9 pm
Theosis 9 pm
ShiroYasha 9 pm
Dreatra 9 pm
Lunar 9 pm
Thao - 9 pm

Brigade 9 pm - 10 pm
Medecine After 9 pm

Rahgi 10:30 pm - 4 am

Zabanya Reset
Icyarrow Reset
ut0y Reset
Tamala Reset
Qiao Reset
Star Reset
Dysent Reset
DaggerPuta Reset
Sniff Reset
NomNom Reset
Enoki Reset

Kaisya - Any
Computer - Any


Just updating. vote not over yet can still change/vote.

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