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1 DO NOT FALL FOR SCAMMERS on Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:27 am


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There has been 2 or more cases inside guild and hundreds of cases outside guild getting scammed. Usually the scammers ask you to "lend them" or will "upg" for you. Please do not trade your uniques to ANYONE... If you must, at least do it after verifying it over and over again or only do it with the people with tag(main character)

Common scammer names are switching the i with l, adding few letters behind the people you know's name, or tells u who they are without proof.

Real Examples:
Real Fake
Theosis Theosls
ut0y ut0ytoy
Vice ViceUpgraderHG
Roylia RoyIia
Computer gourav2
Conclusion? Don't trade anybody your uniques. You have been warned!

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