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Tips for those who wanna make some money

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1 Tips for those who wanna make some money on Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:52 am


Cocky Racist Bastard
ok here is how i do some gold

1. fd boxes from then dungeon which you can sell them 2-2.2 mil sometimes sold them at 3m ( if you think you are lucky open them and earn even more )

2. go farm at snow mountain at speed star yetis which have some good drops which are :

a. moonstones ( you can sell them about 120k each atm , normal prices are about 80k-90k )

b. secret hp potions ( i sell them cause of my class sorcerer which u just save your ass for 1 sec if gladi attacks you , so i earn about 25k each and usually you have about 10-25 drops depending on how lucky you are in an hour )

c. gear upgrade stones and weapon drops often ( i sell them cause no more enchants atm w8ing uniques to upgrade ?Razz but saved about 50 each, if you wanna sell them about 50k-60k each depending on prices )

d.those are the basic drops which give you a good profit while w8ing to go war but besidr them you can get some weapons and armor which can be sold depending on your luck again between 20k - 500000 gold

thats all folks good luck and hunting!!!

dont forget

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2 Re: Tips for those who wanna make some money on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:04 am


Greedy Cocky Racist Bastard
Here the drop rate for Speed Star Yeti study :

And the best way to make alot of money stay to make alternative like Jinrou doing (got 3 : all 40 by now ?) and make them farm ffd everyday (if u use a healer class : easier to find ppl for ffd and u can even be coined = more run Laughing)

The other way around could be to reach the God of War rank king (or even lesser rank queen) and collect the taxe money : but the difficulty depend if good players are actives atm in ur class... (and very few spots avaible by class)

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3 Re: Tips for those who wanna make some money on Wed Dec 22, 2010 3:21 am


Cocky Racist Bastard
thanks for the extra link

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