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DKP current points, Rules and Regulations

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Rules that are currently in effect:

Like a Star @ heaven HG Main characters are strictly forbidden to participate unless volunteery(no rolling of items or dkp awarded) Exception if you have Alt that is already lvl 38+ but choose to use Main instead.

Like a Star @ heaven If the raid party is full and need to alter/change members in the party, the ones that are chosen to sit out will get still get same amount of points in the raid party and will have the chance to roll for whatever that drops for that raid. (Only applicable for HelloHooligan members)

Like a Star @ heaven Anyone who showed up, wanted to go to raid but did not make it into party due to full & stayed while we are raiding will also get the points. Showing up to the raid late after we start, you MAY not get points. Hopefully nobody will be abusing this.

Like a Star @ heaven Caps of points spent will be capped at 30. How this works is that say if you bid 40 points, everybody else bid 39, the 40 still wins but lose only 30 points. Non-Guild got no cap.

Like a Star @ heaven There is a thread on what item are you going to roll. If you dont post what your going to roll, its going to be the one you are currently using in guild. Editing the post on what your going to roll for makes the post void. (Make sure you should at least have a decent level alt... dont just roll for items). And make sure that is the class you want because you can only vote roll for one class per person not per alt. No duplicate equip rolls if you already got the same piece from our runs.

Like a Star @ heaven No points selling, trading, or giving.

Like a Star @ heaven If more than one person wants to roll/bid for an item on a tie of points, we will go on live stream where everybody can watch me roll a die on it live. If you dislike the die i pick, you are welcomed to pick one.

Like a Star @ heaven Blue item drop turns into EXP recovery stones.

Like a Star @ heaven Double check on your own scores to see if the calculations are right. The most recent raid points may take up to 1 day to update(as in until next reset).

Like a Star @ heaven you lose 2 points every time you aggro the boss before we are ready.

Like a Star @ heaven All extra unique that nobody want/need/online to roll for, weapons will cost 80 dkp and armors cost 30 dkp(For your class and not currently owning one). The unique will be kept for a while... priority goes to whoever got highest point first. HH Only.

Like a Star @ heaven To answer some people asking/wondering about this obvious question about backups. Yes, as a "backup" you need to be online, there at snow mountain, and not afk. Going to dungeons as a backup also makes you as good as those offline.

Like a Star @ heaven No unique selling but unique trading with another unique is acceptable. Getting caught unique selling will be banned from HG and HH runs. If a unique trading event was to take place, please inform Computer or Dizzy through mail for record.

Like a Star @ heaven 30 points minimum to get uniques outside of guild.

If anybody got problems with the current rules, discuss it under here. Posts will be deleted after problems solved.

HelloHooligan 1st SD start today - 2nd Feb 2011.

Party up @ 00:30PST. Meet Snow Mountain Channel 1 waypoint.

DKP start from 0.

All Non-HelloHooligan joining us gets the same DKP points like us. And also Starting bid same as us.

Make sure you are at least lvl 38 with min +7 gears.

Please post in the thread below if you are rolling for items not your own class as a record. No editing once confirmed.


Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

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2DKP current points, Rules and Regulations Empty Re: DKP current points, Rules and Regulations on Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:32 pm


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We should add the rule : only 1 alt / player in HH guild

HelloHooligan guild is only lvl 1 for now (=35 max): we are lacking room for guild more players... (we are today 34/35 and we need to guild more ppl tomorow Shocked)

I would suggest we keep only 1 active alternative character by player in this guild, and if we got more than 1 : we could move them into others sisters guilds for stock them like Hello -Mafia, -Retired, -Kittie or many others... but they will be able to play for the raid same as if they were in HH yet (i have moved my Laxative from HH into HelloMafia for this purpose)

Because the guild is only lvl 1 : we need to make it reach lvl 2 (=50 rooms) like that player could stock 2 alt if they want...
So it will be great if players currently lvling others alt (like myself with Ointment) make them enter in HH the time to reach 40 and stock during this time their alt lvl 40 for SD into another sister guild Very Happy

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